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Promoting Salvation and Godly Living in All Areas of Life in, by, and through Jesus Christ!

Regular Assembly Order of Service

Current Services

Note that services are sometimes done over Zoom and/or Facebook Live and/or YouTube. Those signed up are sent an email or text message with the Zoom link and call-in info. If you desire to be sent this info use the Contact Page to send your contact info.

Program may be adjusted as conditions dictate.

For Bible Study see the link in the notes section below.

Call to Order -- A Pulpit Minister, otherwise a Deacon

Gospel Song of Praise, Comfort, Exhortation, Etc.

Deacons Devotion (Scripture, Hymn, Prayer)

Gospel Song of Praise, Comfort, Exhortation, Etc.

Recitation of Model Prayer -- Matt 6:9-13

Welcome & Visitor Recognition

Reading of Old Testament Scripture, e.g., Ps 100:1-5

words of praise (see below)

Reading of New Testament Scripture, e.g., John 3:16-18

Announcements (As Needed)

Prayer List/Requests

Pastoral Announcements/Remarks

Gospel Song of Praise, Comfort, Exhortation, Etc.

Focused Prayer 1: Spiritually Sick (Unsaved), Physically Sick and Other Struggles Of Life

  • Spiritual Sick (Unsaved)
  • Physically Sick
  • Bereaved
  • Elderly
  • Children/Youth
  • Imprisoned
  • Homeless
  • Mentally Ill
  • Poor
  • Etc.

Gospel Song of Praise, Comfort, Exhortation, Etc.

Focused Prayer 2: Focused Prayer 2: Saints, Churches, and Society

  • Steadfast Faith and Holy Living
  • Governments
  • Schools
  • Businesses (For-profit/Non-profit)
  • Military
  • First Responders (Police, Medical, Fire)
  • Laws of the Land
  • Fairness, Justice, Equality/Equity
  • Life, Non-Violence, Safety/Protection
  • Etc.

Gospel Song of Praise, Comfort, Exhortation, Etc.

Pulpit Devotion

Song of Preparation

Message of the Day

Gospel Invitation for Public Commitment to Christ Jesus for Salvation and Membership and optionally formally to this ministry for membership, fellowship, and discipleship.

Giving (As Scheduled) -- Anytime giving can be done at Donations

Communion/Lord's Supper (As Scheduled)

Closing Remarks


General Notes

-- A Devotion herein is a short worship element that consist of scripture and/or prayer and/or song and/or any other worship assembly appropriate doctrinally sound presentation.

-- If you have a bible question or other question/clarification, please submit via the Contact Page!

-- Since this ministry uses sister church facilities, this ministry has no significant recurring facilities/utilities/insurance and related expenses. This ministry expenses are therefore very low. This ministry use of sister church facilities is usually funded by this ministry minister(s). Collections to meet special needs such as special scheduled charitable/ministry events will be announced and made as needed. Therefore, please keep all of that in mind in any donations you make.

-- This ministry's Community Outreach, Development, and Engagement (CODE) periodically holds sessions to explore application of biblical principles to major controversial and/or defective community matters that affect quality of life on earth for Christians and non-Christians since though we are not to be of this world, we must still live in this world. These will be scheduled outside of regular worship services time frames so as to not require children to deal with such adult level matters. The place, date, and time of such sessions may be announced during regular worship services, however.

--Bible Study information is at Bible Study

Words of Praise

We come Father God out of love and duty to praise you, our Creator, Lord, and Saviour.

You who have separated us from the world.
Saying unto us be ye holy even as I am holy.
For we are in the world but not of and not to be of the world.

For you are a God who can and have saved us from the condemnation of sin,
Granting to us eternal life through your Son Jesus Christ,
That Jesus, holy and perfect in and from the womb,
born of a virgin, conceived of your Holy Spirit.

So we pray and bow in worship and give thanks
unto the Supreme King of kings,
the Holy One.

Blessed be He who created the heavens and the earth,
who created and formed man, male and female, in his image after his likeness.

Whose throne of glory is in the heavens above,
and whose Power, Presence, and Perfect Knowledge is in the highest of heights.
Heaven is His throne, the earth His footstool.
He is our God; there is no other.

Truly He is our King, there is none else,
as it is written in His Word (Deut 4:39):

Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart,
Truly He is our King, there is none else,
that the LORD he is God in heaven above,
and upon the earth beneath: there is none else.

Praise Be Unto You Oh God now and forever more. Amen!


***End of Order of Service***