Community Development and Engagement Group (CDEG) is dedicated to engaging the community so as to honor God in all aspects of society and to improve quality of life for all citizens. CDEG involves the application of spiritual truths and acceptable moral community norms so as to reach for equitable quality of life.

The impetus for CDEG is the observation there is an un-useful and unnecessary large racial, political, and socio-economic divide in our society that needs to be more intensely righteously addressed.

Purpose Overview
Provide a framework and forum and information center for communicating and coordinating successes, concerns, recommendations, and actions in regards to core values in collaboration with autonomous partners individuals, organization, task forces, and coalitions in meetings and/or associations using formal and/or informal autonomous connections.

To realize and promote inter-religion/spiritual/faith, interdenominational, interracial, inter-political communication, cooperation, collaboration, effectiveness, and non-violent impetus regarding critical/core value-based life/cultural issues so as to reach for equitable quality of life for all.

Through a series of non-violent transparent interdenominational interracial inter-political initiatives, provide and acquire highly visible integrated problem-solution oriented collaboration, networking, sharing of information, and similar activities regarding critical/core value-based life/cultural issues.

Core Value-Based Life/Cultural Issues:
Core values provide guiding principles for belief and action regarding right and wrong. Core value-based life/family/cultural issues are moral, legal, racial, sexual/gender, education, housing, homelessness, poverty, social, economic, criminal, and political justice and equity with historical and interdependence considerations, and other community quality of life matters, and as otherwise identified.

Meetings/Communication Mediums:
Employ forums, conferences, email, websites, FaceBook, Zoom, and similar technologies virtually and physically as announced and appropriate.

Executive Office for General Management and Accountability:
Chaurcey Boyd, CDEG founder and visionary, provides general management and accountability although participant individuals and organizations provide for their own management and accountability.

Affiliate Membership/Association
Membership/Association is of the informal type as CDEG is not a separately registered non-profit or for-profit. Partners operate autonomously as either formal or informal affiliates and are responsible for their own compliance to government requirements Formal affiliation is required to be listed as such to serve on committees. Formal affiliation is not required to participate in meetings/conferences and otherwise partner with CDEG. Informal affiliation may be all that is required; however, the structure with associated formal committees capability is provided for in case it is needed to achieve CDEG vision, mission, and objectives.

Participating individuals and organizations self-funds their work as part of and in support of CDEG. Participating individuals and organizations may independently cite their participation and/or sponsorship of CDEG in their advertisements and other media and platforms. However, they are not to independently collect funds on behalf of CDEG or otherwise using CDEG name and/or other CDEG branding.

Please see community development and engagement section on Total Life Insight Media Page.

More Information:
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